TextaFlyer Restauarnt V2 Template

Digital Flyers Delivered By Text

Interactive mobile flyers with call-to-action Ads displaying over a full-width video background  

TextaFlyer Restauarnt V2 Template
TextaFlyer Restauarnt V2 Template

Texts Important Links to Your Callers

A simple extension added to your phone line adds an AI function that automatically texts important links to your callers

Build Your SMS Marketing List

Build your SMS text message marketing list and run monthly mobile marketing campaigns

TextaFlyer Restauarnt V2 Template



What is TextaFi?

TextaFi is an AI-powered extension that is added to your business phone that automatically texts important links to your callers.

How does it work?

Its as easy as adding an extension to your existing phone “tree” with your carrier or forwarding your calls to the phone number we issue. You can be up and running in under a minute.  

How much does it cost?

Pricing is $240 a year (works out to around $19 /mo) or $28 month to month.  The Pricing page is here.

What is a phone tree?

Most business phone numbers have the ability to add an extension to their phone line which creates a Phone Tree. This is the typical “press one, press two” option you may hear when you call a business.

How do I add an extension to my phone tree?

Depending on the carrier for your business you will add an extension to your phone tree through their app or website or through calling your carrier direct to request they add an extension (some carriers call it a seat) to your line. Most of the time it can happen immediately. 

Can I just *72 or use call forwarding from my phone?

Yes. Check with your carrier. Its usually as easy as adding an extension to your existing phone “tree” through your carrier app or website.  

How do I enable TextaFi Call Forwarding?

Typically it works like this: 

  • Dial *72
  • Listen for a stutter dial tone followed by a regular dial tone
  • Dial the TextBack number
  • Hang up
  • Your calls will now be forwarded to the TextBack number


        Is the SMS message a one time message? ?

        Yes. This is not a two-way message service. All TextaFi messages are one-time transactional messages only. We do not ever use the caller’s phone numbers to market or send unsolicited texts. TextaFi by GHostPhone AI is fully compliant with 10DLC protocols and follows best practices as mandated by The Campaign Registry.

        How long does it take to get Textafi enabled?

        After you have subscribed and sent your link to us for approval (each link is personally screened by us for security, an SSL certificate and to ensure 10DLC compliance) TextaFi is enabled immediately. Approval is usually within an hour of signing up during business hours- and the next business day if outside of normal business hours.

        Can I use my existing phone number?

        Yes. Keep your phone, your carrier and your phone case just as they are. 

        Can I upgrade?

        Yes. You can upgrade to a TextaFi + OnePage and then get the full GhostPhone AI package. See info on upgrade here


        Should I change my phone greeting?

        You would edit your phone greeting message to something like “Thanks for calling ABC company. Press one to reach the office, press two if you would like to receive a text message with a link to our website.” When the caller presses 2 the call is sent to TextaFi which automatically sends out an SMS message with the link to your caller.

        Can I get more than one TextaFi number?

        Yes. You can add up to 3 total TextaFi links. Pricing is as follows:

        TextaFi Pricing (annual)
        Press 1 extension $19/mo
        “Press 1 to get a link to our website sent to your phone”

        Press 2 extension $35/mo
        “Press 1 to get a link to our website sent to your phone. Press 2 for a link to text Sales.”

        Press 3 extension $45/mo
        “Press 1 to get a link to our website sent to your phone. Press 2 for a link to text Sales. Press 3 for a link to live chat support”

        What are the links that get sent to callers?

        They can be links to your website, appointments page, calendar, reviews page,  booking portal, online ordering, social page whatever you want. It does have to be legal and it can’t violate our terms and conditions or violate any FCC regulations.  Other than that its up to you.   

        Can I change the link that is being sent?

        Yes.  You can request a link change at any time through this link

        What phone number does the SMS text message come from?

        All text messages come from a TextaFi Toll-Free Number such as +1 833-932-2503.


        Can I get the SMS message sent from my phone number?

        Yes however that is a custom configuration and also requires porting your number to AWS (where GhostPhone Ai and the TextaFi system is hosted)  Contact us if you want to do this @ support@ghostphoneai.com


        Can I change the message included with the link that is being sent?

        Yes. However, you will need to be a Full GhostPhone subscriber. You can upgrade your account here or contact us at support@ghostphoneai.com


        Is there a contract commitment?

        No. Cancel at any time. No aggravating 3-year contract commitment and dodgy cancellation fees or any other nonsense.  

        Is my payment info safe?

        Yes. We use Stripe to process payments.  Stripe encrypts sensitive data both in transit and at rest. Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting primary account numbers (PANs), such as credit card numbers, runs in a separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with the rest of our services. Stripe counts Amazon, Instacart and Google as its customers so you are in good company. 

        I see Megaphone AI Inc on my billing statement - who is that?

        Megaphone AI, Inc, is the company behind GhostPhone and other products like Voicepics and OnePage AI. Check us out here https://megaphoneai.com/

        If you have any questions about GhostPhone or other products, contact us @ support@megaphoneai.com


        Still have questions?

        +1 888-519-1195


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